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Detoxamin Chelation Suppositories

  • Use one suppository every other night before bedtime. Use a good multiple vitamin and mineral product daily. Drink plenty of fluids during your use of Detoxamin. Use for at least one month. Best success comes after 6 months of use. For maintenance, use one suppository per week on-going.

    What to Expect:
    Most Detoxamin users notice an improvement in circulation first, usually within 2-3 weeks. Reports of increased stamina and energy are common. Also, warmer hands and feet and stronger sexual function in both men and women is reported frequently. Finally, after longer usage, 6 months or more, people with blocked arteries, heart disease, prostate issues and chronic fatigue have reported greatly improved health and wellness.

    375mg Detoxamin is for children or adults under 100lbs.
    750mg Detoxamin is for people 100lbs – 175lbs.
    1000mg Detoxamin is for people 175lbs. and up.

    Recommended Packages:
    For biggest cost discount and savings, go with the 90ct packages.
    ●    If you’re on a budget, buy one 15ct container per month. Side Effects:
    ●    Detoxamin is extremely safe and gentle. There are no major side effects or drug interactions.
    ●    As you begin the chelation, you may feel more tired or fatigued for a few days. This should pass quickly.

  • Detoxamin is a new and improved method of EDTA chelation therapy and is the only proven alternative to intravenous EDTA Chelation Therapy. Intravenous EDTA chelation although very efficacious is also very expensive, time-consuming and invasive. Detoxamin being a patented Calcium Disodium EDTA suppository is designed to be used at night while you sleep. Detoxamin comes in three strengths; 375 mg (for kids), 750mg and 1000 mg (for adults). While you sleep the unique matrix of EDTA slowly releases and absorbs into your body’s entire system via the sigmoid colon wall. In fact, in a recent published study (JANA Vol. 10, No. 2, 2007) we showed that the EDTA in Detoxamin’s unique EDTA matrix formulation actually absorbs at higher levels into the soft tissues compared with that of intravenous EDTA chelation. Since the body stores toxic heavy metals in the soft tissues, Detoxamin actually targets this most essential area required for effective heavy metals detoxification.

    Our proprietary and patented method of formulation is designed for ease of use along with no discomfort and increased EDTA permeability via the colon. Detoxamin’s EDTA bio- availability has also been verified scientifically in published pre-clinical studies. Detoxamin has become the preferred EDTA product and method of choice to hundreds of thousands of patients and health professionals around the world as it performs the task of removing toxic heavy metals extremely well. One factor making Detoxamin a very effective “heavy metals Chelator” is due to the very high soft tissue absorption of EDTA. It is also important to note that the EDTA in the form of Calcium Disodium EDTA will not remove essential Calcium but indirectly remove the unwanted stores of calcifications that promote atherosclerosis. It is now known in the medical community that chelation actual works by removing the toxic heavy metals which aid if not cause the arterial plaque buildup. It appears that these toxic metals build up in our systems and suppress the production of vital substances essential for normal circulation like that produced by the endothelial known as prostacyclin, nitric oxide and heparin-all vital for your body to maintain normal blood flow. This would explain the many different benefits people get when using chelation as it dramatically improves circulation.

  • Absolutely yes. In fact our initial studies were on lead poisoned children (The Effects of Detoxamin CaNa₂ EDTA Suppositories on Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Children IRB, Approved Study in the Dominican Republic) we have a children’s version, Detoxamin Kids. This is formulated with 1⁄2 the EDTA dosage (375mg) along with a smaller and more narrow suppository. This allows for ease of use along with increased safety and absorption. There are many parents using Detoxamin today for their challenged kids and also getting great results. The EDTA in Detoxamin travels at a much slower rate than intravenous EDTA chelation therefore making Detoxamin more preferable and much safer.

    Use Detoxamin as directed. Ensure healthy liver/kidney function. Detoxamin comes in 750mg for adults over 100lbs. and 375mg for children or adults under 100lbs. Detoxamin can be used by children under supervision of a parent or doctor, following the instructions for usage on the label. Pregnant women should not use.

  • We would recommend being careful when choosing which chelation product or method to use. Chelation is important and serious and we highly recommend only using a proven product, both scientifically and clinically. Some companies are making claims of absorption and product quality which are not proven in any type of bio-availability study. Since anybody can say anything they want on the internet, it means little if it has no real science behind the claims made. Exact formulation methods required for EDTA permeability and absorption are critical for effective suppository chelation. Always ask for bio-availability studies that show how much of the active ingredient is REALLY absorbed-regardless of what anyone says, this should be a major factor in your decision. Detoxamin is the only suppository with scientific proof of bio-availability and absorption superior to even that of IV chelation therapy (See the research on this website). When making your decision keep in mind that Detoxamin is a unique, patented and proprietary blend formulated over nine years of time, Detoxamin is the original trusted and credible brand. Millions of doses have been administered throughout the world with no reported adverse events. You can trust Detoxamin will be your best choice.

  • Absolutely yes. Heavy metals can be considered to be one of today’s silent killers. For example when a thermometer (containing mercury) is broken in a school the school is evacuated. But dentists continue to put mercury in the mouth in the form of silver amalgam fillings—containing 50% mercury. We know through many studies this very toxic metal does leak and absorbs into your body. There are toxic metals in about everything you can imagine today. Our foods are laden with them and just getting worse. These metals slowly accumulate and build up primarily in the soft tissues in the body and start to wreak havoc. Our bodies simply were not designed to handle the amount of heavy metals we are absorbing today. They are now implicated in diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, ALS, ADHD, ADD, Autism and so many more. It is now understood that these metals disrupt so many important functions of the cardiovascular system and suppress vital substances that are produced by your body for normal blood flow and circulation. For example, heavy metals disrupt the endothelial cells that produce substances like nitric oxide, prostacyclin and heparin-essential for normal blood flow, circulation and many other important functions. This is why most hospitals now recommend that you don’t go outside when the air pollution levels are high—especially if you have heart disease or cardiovascular disease. They don’t recommend removing these toxins though, so don’t look for these institutions to deal with the cause of disease. There seems to be a huge disconnect in the medical community and in general most doctors do not attempt to look for the cause of your disease—or conduct a heavy metal tests on you.

  • Our independent studies show that 100% of people have dangerously detectable toxic metals in their systems. We conducted random sampling on thousands of patients and found detectable levels in 100%! Certainly some had higher levels than others, but the symptoms patients exhibited were expressed in a wide range. This is due to heavy metals causing different symptoms in different people and the symptoms are difficult to diagnose. Combine this with most doctors today being completely unaware of the effects of these metals and the amount we have carrying around in our bodies. When you are sick, you must look at what toxic load your body is dealing with along with what type of diet you have. We get exposed to toxic heavy metals in the foods we now eat, water we drink, the air, personal care products, and so many unassuming sources.

  • Intravenous chelation therapy administers EDTA directly into the bloodstream; therefore the EDTA is introduced very quickly into the body causing the body to get rid of the EDTA in 3 hours. The EDTA in Detoxamin stays in the body at least 8 hours which allows for a gentler and more elegant chelation experience. Detoxamin introduces the EDTA through the colon wall slowly allowing for a much slower moving EDTA and much longer lasting EDTA blood levels. This allows for more time so that the EDTA can absorb and chelate the toxic metals where they are stored-not just in the bloodstream. Detoxamin’s long lasting EDTA is actually bi-phasic, where the EDTA blood levels fluctuate up and down over time as the EDTA makes its way through the body picking up toxic metals. One major difference is Detoxamin’s higher EDTA soft tissue absorption—which effectively “tickles” out the heavy metals where the body is storing and tucking them away. Detoxamin introduces less of an EDTA dosage but it is done more frequently, opposed to intravenous chelation which administers a higher dosage and much less often. Intravenous chelation puts a higher strain on the liver and kidneys, where Detoxamin is gentler on the body making Detoxamin also much safer. Because people can take this at home while they are asleep, Detoxamin is more convenient and can be used more often. Finally, Detoxamin is only 20% of the cost of IV Chelation Therapy.

  • Detoxamin is vastly superior to Oral Chelation pills or liquids. Many oral chelation products make claims without any scientific evidence to support their claims. As with most oral tablets or capsules, it is well known and proven in research that only a small percentage of the oral EDTA is actually absorbed, only about 5-7%. When taken orally there is far too much enzymatic competition for the EDTA absorption to occur therefore very little EDTA is ever absorbed.

  • You may experience a loose bowel movement and a little rectal gas which would completely dissipate in a few days of usage. Because Detoxamin can pull out some essential trace minerals, it is also recommended to use a good multi-vitamin-mineral product daily. You may also experience some fatigue within the first several days of using Detoxamin because the product is pulling out toxic heavy metals.

  • There are no known drug interactions with Detoxamin if used as directed. Pregnant woman should not use.

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